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Post by sammarium on Tue 13 Aug 2013, 4:32 am


So I logged in on my phone this morning. I spent some beans reviving some dishes (fell asleep too early yesterday >_< ), bought some stuff for my waikiki restaurant.

Then later on, when I logged into my ipad because my drinks on waikiki were done, my restaurants were all messed up.

My Main Street cafe looked exactly like my Waikiki Cafe but in Main Street deco. My expansions, furniture, number of staff, food were all changed. The oven that I bought with 30 beans was also gone!! D=

In my Waikiki, the 40,000 i spent on stuff there were all gone!

My bean count also reflected the drinks I revived but my drinks in Waikiki were spoilt again =(

Please help!

If I need to restart, I at least want to use the same username


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