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Post by Iris on Sat 03 Nov 2012, 7:03 am

+ EVENT 1. Get the gift card!
If you send us your manager name & review after you create your cafes, we will give you a reward as $10 value Gift card by drawing a lottery. The event starts at October 11th until October 20th.
* E-mail address to send your info : Helloevent[@]paran.com

+ EVENT 2. If the game ranked #1 ??
If the game ranked #1 in Simulation Category until October 17th, we will give $2.99 worth in game items to all managers in October 18th. Boost it more and more please, can’t wait.

+EVENT 3. Open the Waikiki beach cafés!
From October 11th until October 20th, all managers who are the owners of Waikiki beach cafés will receive $1.99 worth of 40 Coco.
- What’s a Waikiki beach café? That’s the unique system to have an extra theme café on the Waikiki beach after you get 15 Level in Hello cappuccino.
- Delivery date of sending reward items : October 22th.

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